Friday, 11 July 2014


We have endured what a lot of people believe, which is more, faster and bigger are better.  Competition in many situations is all but out of control and cooperation has been sidelined in favor of winning.   It may be unfortunate that the U.S. Dept. of Education chose “race to the top” for their latest effort at rewarding innovation.   It sounds more political than it does educational.  I would have chosen “love to learn” or at least something that sounds more connected to children and teaching and learning.

In many instances, I believe that slow still has a certain value and that cannot be supplanted mechanically.  Just because it looks like a tomato does not mean what it used to mean.   We might want to encourage children (and adults) to look carefully into the purpose and value of GMO’s, (Genetically Modified Organisms) and a whole host of other products and materials.  Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare may still have something to say.

Being called number one could easily become a late night comedy sketch.  Just imagine being called number two!  It is why I smile when I see a team member who has just won a game holding up his finger to indicate that his or her team is number one.  In one of our early grades, we had to hold up either one or two fingers when we had to go to the toilet and that was to tell the teacher what it was we had to do.   I don't know whether or not she excused us quicker depending on the number or whether we were simply learning to ask for permission.  Regardless, it seemed to work and it was a quiet and symbolic way to communicate.

Action heroes - faster, stronger, more powerful - can defeat every enemy except for one.  Father Time will catch up, sooner or later

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