Monday, 22 December 2014


1.    Keep learning alive – Commit to becoming a life-long learner and whether or not you are an early adopter, consider how the world has changed and you along with it. 

2.    Step out of your comfort zone – Whether in learning something new, understanding and appreciating the opposing point of view, or becoming more facile with technology, just do it.

3.    Know yourself to the extent that it is about who you are not simply being identified by what you do.   Your passion is your work, your job allows you to do your best work.

4.    Practice this until it is ingrained in the fabric of every day.  “Tell the
truth, be kind and remember to say thank you.”  

5.    Celebrate special seasons, special days and special people.  It is easy to find them, hold them up for recognition and appreciation.

6.    Set realistic goals and empower others to help achieve them.

7.    Attend to matters of your spirit, your soul, your psyche and make frequent deposits in your savings account.
     8.  Consider each new day as new, a gift to make of it what you will.
     9.  Since change is inevitable, design the change you want and find ways to adapt to change that might be unwelcome.
    10.  Take care of yourself often so you are better able to care for others.

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