Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Seven C's of Competent Leadership

1    Communication that is clear, concise, accurate, timely and compelling. Staying in touch  with constituents with information that keeps them up to date, connected and
 contributing goes a long way toward strengthening any organization.

2.      Collaboration with colleagues that is supportive and encouraging.  It may take a little more time, effort and energy but in the long run everyone gets more done when a team is working together openly and smoothly.

3.      Confidence that inspires trust, respect and the open sharing of information.  Self-knowledge about one’s assets and liabilities helps to lead others and fill in with talented associates where most needed.

4.      Courage to take on the difficult challenges and find workable solutions, solve a problem and move forward.  Stepping up to the big issues requires a willing spirit as well as a body and a mind in healthy condition.

5.      Compassion that demonstrates care for the well-being of individuals and the working environment.  A visible and genuine sensitivity to the needs of colleagues individually and the institution as a whole is greatly appreciated and the benefits help everyone.

6.      Commitment to agreed upon goals and plans and to ensuring the completion
of tasks and projects in a timely fashion.  Following through on the details lays the ground work, attitude and atmosphere for the next project.

7.      Character that reflects integrity, honesty, empathy, genuineness and warmth.
Modeling desirable behaviors sets the tone for others and enriches the community as a whole.

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