Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanksgiving 11/11

What does it mean to pause, take time out, time off and immerse one's self in a place and space for giving thanks?  As I face 103 degrees East and watch the sun rise over the hills, I am ever grateful for the gift of a new day.  The trees and the fields are waiting for Winter having shed any remnants of golden leaves and the green, green of summer long past.  Only the Chamisa has a tint of color.  The fish have gone to the bottom of the pond to hibernate, the donkeys, Dusty and Daisy,  have put on their thicker, warmer coats and the chickens now roost a little closer for more warmth, insulating each other from any draft.  The dogs are asleep, as are the cats, and we wait for the first arrivals today of family, some 11 of us gathering for the traditional feast tomorrow.  Others are scattered coast to coast and we think of each of them and connect through the phones, emails, pictures and conversations that have to do with celebrating so much that we have been given.  One of the most precious gifts of all is the time we have to enjoy these  blessings of a full and rich life.  We will build a fire, gather around the hearth and tell stories, remembering the past and planning for the future.  The meaning is in the moment, and what we make of this time together and how we touch each others minds, hearts and spirits in loving, giving and receiving.
For me, this is how I shall celebrate, in a conscious and intentional way, these days of Thanksgiving.  May your days have time to reflect, renew, regenerate and realize some deeper meanings that will fill you with gratitude.  Feast on that, my friends.

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