Friday, 28 October 2011

Liberty and OWC

Having the statue of liberty in view spawns a few thoughts and feelings of patriotism so we considered a visit to Ground Zero appropriate and timely although there's mostly construction going on around the memorial.  New glass skyscrapers are attempting to replace the WTC.  Not especially comfortable with the images but there you have it.  Walked a few more blocks to see OWC in the park and because of the rain, it looked more like tarp park, everyone covering their spots with blue, gray and green tarps.  In fact it was a park of tarps.  However, that said, the attitude and atmosphere was one of peaceful protest and one sign said, this is not a protest, it's an affirmation.  I liked that.  The message is clear. Wall Street represents the 1% and the banks, Goldmans and others have the money. S said that it reminded her a little of the revolution without the guns and that every democracy needs a revolution once in awhile in order to remind itself what a democracy is really about.  It reminded me a bit of the 60's where the issues of equity, inclusion and social justice were the driving forces.  Drove on out of Manhattan in a traffic choked artery, tried to camp out at Hamonassett State Park in Madison Connecticut but it had closed for the season.  Found a very nice B&B down the road called Tidewater Inn, had a lovely seafood dinner at Lenny and Joe's Fish Tales and called it a night.  One interruption on this dark and rainy night was a rather bad fall up some concrete steps, banging up head and hand and dislocating a finger.  Today a visit to Choate and on to Stowe, Vermont.  Ciao!

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