Thursday, 27 October 2011

New York City

It's very early Thursday morning and we're parked across from the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City.  I know it sounds a little weird but there is an RV campground here just before the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. Liberty RV Park and Marina with ferry and train service into Manhattan.  Leaving Memphis Tuesday morning, we stopped early at a shopping center, picked up some groceries and drove across Tennessee on Interstate 40, rolling hills, great color, lots of traffic, the majority of which seemed to be trucks.  Past Nashville to Knoxville and a turn northeast on I-81 towards Virginia and Tuesday night found a beautiful VA state park called Claytor Lake, not far from Radford.  We had stopped in at the VA welcome center, picked up another map and a description of the area, and learned that we were just 10 hours from NYC from that spot.  Drove on another hour or so, hopped off the Interstate, stopped at a local orchard to pick up some apples, cider and pastry and then on to the park. Camped next to a young couple with a 2 yr old and 2 month old and discovered Mike is with the National Park Service and they are eager to relocate back to the West. Set up camp (2 chairs, a small table and a grill) had drinks and dinner and called it a day under the tall oaks dropping acorns everywhere, ker ching!
  Yesterday we drove leisurely through the Shenandoah Valley just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and had another day of spectacular scenery with the Fall colors bathing us in their natural change of the season.  One fuel stop, crossed into West Virginia, a short piece of Maryland and then northeast across Pennsylvania, picking up Interstate 78 and all of this through familiar territory toward New Jersey which we crossed in a little over an hour, arriving here around 4:30 PM yesterday.  Today is clean up, lunch in the city with Claire and the Markleys, and on toward Connecticut.  Ta da!

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