Monday, 24 October 2011


Intentions are to post here every other day or so on this two week road trip from Abiquiu, New Mexico to Stowe, Vermont and return.  First day out last Saturday, 10/22 was to Palo Duro Canyon, south of Amarillo, Texas, billed as the second largest canyon in the country.  No need to comment on which one is the largest but I do remember camping on the north rim in the national forest there.  Palo Duro is a spectacular little gem and we arrived as the sun was dropping in the west and watch the light and colors change from the floor of the canyon to the rim rocks.  Beautiful!   Nice evening breeze, very quiet, early AM departure in the dark, and headed toward Oklahoma City.  Arriving from the west in I-40 saw this mammoth tower of a building being erected, discovered it was Devon Energy's new building.  Had to stop at an Apple store and talk to a couple of the geniuses there.  The place was packed wall to wall with people as was the mall where it's located.  Somehow it didn't seem the downturn in the economy had affected OKC adversely at all.  Spent last night at the newly constructed home of J & J Richardson, Susie's brother and sister-in-law.  Crashed a party for their neighbors who have endured 2 years of construction, caught up with some family stories, departed this morning, 10/24 and are now ensconced at the Agricenter RV park in Memphis, Tennessee.  Great farmers market here and not sure what the center is all about as we just stumbled on it from seeing a sign along the highway and here we are.  Ideal temperature, perfectly clear weather and the drive through Arkansas was mostly foggy but the leaves are changing and as we head north from Knoxville later on the colors will shift rather dramatically.  More soon.

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